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QC/Technical Support

Kingmax takes quality into priority therefore from each detailes we stringent requirements of every are our quality control procedure ,

1. Incoming material inspection : Corporate orders issued after the material requirements for suppliers to supply products for acceptance testing. IQC is established on this basis , its role is to protect the enterprise benign material inventory . Enterprises of different materials depending on the inspection standards , the number will be different this sector may establish classes , groups, classes can also be a single ( the size of a standard decision ) ( full inspection , sampling )

2. Production process inspection :After the acceptance of materials , due to the batch sampling and reservoir storage and other reasons, this process will have a quality product in question , it is required on the product line for the first time will be quality products to determine , but the functions are carried out first PQC standardize and supervise the process of recognition and batch production of quality parts . Thereby enhancing the rate of finished product manufacturing process , reduce costs

3. Warehouse entry inspection :When the goods are finnished and there should be a comprehensive inspection . Upon completion of production, product flow off the assembly line , the packaging and storage . In this process , FQC will check the product quality and comprehensive , including packaging , performance , and appearance . Ensure storage product performance, appearance, packaging good and meet the requirements. Depending on customer demand and production control can be set necessary to work full inspection and packaging . White said that after a number of quality inspection warehouse job training in packaging production personnel , under the wire away. Can also be done by production units , FQC for sampling storage.

4. QA department :It is the company's internal investigation of customer complaints to improve a unit that carried out the process proposed optimization program , improve product quality.

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  • Jianghai Community, Tianshenggang District, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China
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